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The RAD ("RAD" stands for "Rising Adolescent Disciples") Project is an exciting program for Middle School age young people at the Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting, the program is also known as "The Tweens." The next RAD Project dates are July 10-18, 2015 at the Indian Springs Holiness Camp Ground in Flovilla, Georgia.

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RAD 2015 -- July 10-18

Our theme: The Alpha-Omega Investigation

RAD 2014 -- July 11-19

The theme for 2014 was The King & The Kingdom: Connecting with The King. Our special guests—King Reginald Van Stocking III and his entire court AND a Skype video interview with the amazing TJ Prodigy (@TJProdigyMusic)

RAD 2013

We studied the experiences of Daniel (from the Old Testament book of that name) and learned the source of his Courage, Steadfastness, and Intergrity as we studied CSI:Babylon

RAD 2012

The theme for 2012 was "The Quest for Parable Point". We studied some of the parables Jesus told (and when I say "studied" I mean read, dug through, acted out, drew, sang, gamed, and more!

Our RAD Captain for 2012 was Will A., who in the Spring of 2012 earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Yeah, Will !

Miss (now Mrs) Kimberlee got married in May 2012. Yep. May 19 in Alabama. And you remember we met Stephen in the summer of 2011(and approved of him for our Kimberlee)? That's who she married. Fun! So Lewis Crouse became her apprentice assistant and is learning how to do the jobs Mrs Kimberlee used to do for us since she can't give as much time now. It was great that Stephen came to camp for a couple of days and even led a small group when some other leaders had to be away. Now if Chick-fil-A will keep loaning him to us every summer we will be okay.

RAD 2011

The theme for RAD Project 2011 was "The Proverbs Probe: Becoming a Wise Old Bird." As you might guess, the Bible focus was on the Old Testament book of Proverbs.


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